Vietnam possesses not only the breathtaking natural landscapes, but also the outstanding world heritage site. Let’s embark on a world heritage sites discovery with 10 days tour in Vietnam with us!

Ha Long Bay covers an area of ​​1,553 square kilometers, including 1,969 islands, mostly limestone islands, of which the core of the Gulf has an area of ​​334 square kilometers of dense 775 large islands. The bay has a unique landscape, rich cave system. The beauty of Ha Long is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. The system of stone islands in Ha Long is like a lot. The lines, motifs, colors of the mountain island, blended with the sea, create a watercolor picture.
In the “new natural wonders of the world” Ha Long Bay has many other “wonders” with the unique beauty of Ha Long. There are beautiful caves like Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Virgin, Dau Go, Ma Cung. It is Ti Top, Ba Dung Dao beach, Bai Chay – the beautiful beaches between the heart and the bay. The islands in Ha Long Bay have their own shapes, unlike any islands in Vietnam’s coast and no island-like island. There are places where the clusters of people gathered together to look over each other, but there is also a vertical stand horizontal alternating, forming a line running tens of kilometers as a wall. Hon Dau Like someone’s face looking toward the land; Dragon is like a dragon hovering over the water; La Vong Island is like an old man sitting fishing; It is like a chicken coop like two heads together, etc. It can be said, each island appears under different angles, each time differently transformed into different shapes and colors. Someone said, Ha Long Bay is “water painting”, each time to see again discover the strange beauty.

The complex of Trang An scenic spots is a place of cultural and natural tourism in Ninh Binh. Here on every occasion the rice season is ripe, the fields at the foot of the mountain littered with a bright yellow color, surrounded by the green patches of leaves creating a poetic scene. The Trang An complex has an area of ​​6,162ha in Hoa Lu, Gia Vien, Nho Quan, Tam Diep Town and Ninh Binh City, about 90km southeast of Hanoi. Surrounding the population is a buffer zone of 6,268 hectares, mainly in fields and villages. An area of ​​harmony between nature and culture, the complex of Trang An scenic spots, including three closely guarded areas, is Hoa Lu ancient cultural relic, Truong An-Tam Coc – Bich Dong and Hoa Lu primary forest. Trang An is a prominent place in Southeast Asia and the world contains rich archaeological evidence and is still preserved almost intact, mainly shell, shells, animal bones, Pottery, stone tools, kitchen platforms, welded pottery and human remains. This is an invaluable documentary showing the adaptation of prehistoric people to significant environmental changes that lasted more than 30,000 years, at least since the last Ice Age. The Trang An karst tower is one of the most beautiful and spectacular of its kind in the world, consisting primarily of a series of conical karst towers with a 200m steep wall over the ground and surrounding water. The pyramid-shaped peaks are a system of deep valleys and karst slopes. In the pits are wide swathes, connected by underground streams through mountains forming countless caves, at the ceiling of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. Harmony in the beauty of the karst landscape is the thick primary forest cover, covering the cliffs, bring fresh air, pristine. The point between the majestic mountains, mysterious caves, and calm water is the temple, pagoda, sacred shrines.

For nearly 400 years (1558-1945), Hue was the capital of nine Nguyen dynasties in Cochinchina, the capital of the Tay Son dynasty), and the capital of the unified nation under the Nguyễn dynasty. The ancient capital of Hue still preserves intangible and intangible cultural heritages containing many values ​​that symbolize the mind and soul of the Vietnamese nation. Over the centuries, how many quintessence of the country are distilled converge here to mold a culture rich in identity to complete a wonderful natural scenery along the river charming romantic. Therefore, to mention Hue, people immediately think of the citadels, golden palaces, magnificent shrines and temples, majestic mausoleums, ancient landscapes, monuments Skilful craftsman … Capital complex relics of the ancient capital has been compared with the wonders of thousands of years of humanity in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Lying on the central coast, Hoi An is gentle, poetic on the Thu Bon River, where it flows into the sea. For a long time, Hoi An is a meeting place, gathering, international cultural exchange with humanity.
With a rather humble area of ​​just over 60 square kilometers, Hoi An, the heroic land of the Resistance War and the renewal of the day is a miracle doi moi. With a centuries-old ancient architectural complex of a once-famous international seaport city; With the mangrove ecosystem, coral reefs like the thousand and thousand purple, the interlaced river system, so poetic and the island of Cu Lao Cham blossomed the wings swell flying, Hoi An, like a pearl as bright as brightly. , Is step by step picking up the rough edges to show the subtle, humble beauty to show the youthful life of a gentle, charming land.
Once known for its image of an ancient city, a World Heritage City, Hoi An is now transforming itself into a coastal tourism city in Central Vietnam, an ideal destination for holidays weekend, exciting summer holidays by the beach in the sun and wind and very peaceful.
Come to Hoi An, besides exploring the multi-dimensional cultural treasures of moss, ancient, you also have the opportunity to visit the traditional villages, enjoy the scenery beautiful waterfront estuary, Take a break on the shores of the ocean, soak up the ocean’s climate or dive into the magnificent coral of the mighty Cu Lao Cham Island … All of them will engrave in you hard-to-fade footprints.

There are more heritage sites in this wonderful country, which are not mentioned here. One you set your foot in Vietnam, take part in our world heritage sites discovery with 10 days tour in Vietnam!

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