Traveling means you’re discovering a new destination with its beautiful sights, its people, its culture, and its cuisine. We will bring you in the tasty local dishes on 10 days tour in Vietnam with our expertly organized tour! Back your back and enjoy the appetizing food!


Hanoi not only has many beautiful landscapes, but from ancient capital Thang Long was famous for its rich cuisine, unique attractions attract many visitors to enjoy.
Pho Hanoi

Throughout the country, you can easily find and enjoy a bowl of hot pho. However, if you are a gourmand or familiar with the typical pho flavor of Hanoi, then you will find no match. The sweet sweetness of the water is soaked in bowls of white pho with typical Ha Thanh flavor, eating hot while evaporating not only repel hunger but also give you the most satisfying feeling.

Bun oc – Snail rice noddle

This wild rice dish, originating from this field is not known in Hanoi ever, but has long since become the favorite snack number one. One can eat noodles for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eat at any time. However, the moment that Hanoians remember and crave for vermicelli especially during the New Year’s Day, when tired with the tray full of fish – meat and protein.
Bowl of vermicelli is always colorful color of tomato stewed, fat noodles membrane, banana bean yellow gold. Flavor is a good combination of veggie juice but no less fatty, sour bar sounds and a distinctive vinegar flavor. When eating, add some sliced ​​banana flowers and fresh vegetables to make noodle bowl full of flavor.

Bun cha – Grilled pork and noodle

Bun cha is an “addictive” food for many food devotees in Hanoi. Fresh vermicelli is added to the bowl, served with raw vegetables and meat flavored with satay, cooked on the charcoal soaked in a bowl of water mixed with sour, sweet … those who eat Spicy can add chili pepper water use. Many germanders also have to admit that bun cha Hanoi always keep their own taste, not to be confused.


Hoa Lu goat meat
Mountain goat meat is among the most famous local dishes in Ninh Binh. Reissue is the most prominent dish and topped the table. Through a lot of complicated and thorough steps to create a delicious goat re-delicious, eliminate all odors. People always eat goat meat with the leaves, fruits and especially the ginger sauce. This is a delicious food and also a valuable remedy for your body’s health.

Crisp rice

The first specialty to mention is crisp rice, which is also the most famous dish of Ninh Binh. Made from 100% pure rice, Ninh Binh crisp rice has the characteristic flavor of the ancient land that can not be confused with any other province. The rice is light yellow rice fried crispy, when eaten delicious taste of rice, the taste of rice, fat without boring, suitable for all ages. The rice is sold all over the land of Ninh Binh, from the city to the Bai Dinh, Trang An, Tam Coc pagodas … even along the highway, visitors will not be difficult to find specialties of this attractive city.


Beside the magnificent natural landscape, Ha Long is also known for its delicious culinary culture, ranging from delicious seafood. Many of Ha Long’s specialties have become famous brands such as Ha Long squid, Ha Long fish sauce, Van Don Geo-Duck…

Cha muc (Dipped Squid): Referring to Halong is the specialty of fresh seafood, in which the first item to mention is squid. Ha Long people often eat squid with white rice or rolls. To make the flavor of this dish, Halong people have to choose the freshest squid, just caught from the sea is not new and delicious smell. Delicious squid still have to be pounded by hand to create new pieces of chewy crispy just crispy. People often eat squid with a little pepper sauce.

As one of the most characteristic seafood of Ha Long, can be processed into many dishes: baked, steamed, steamed, cooked or fried. But the most remarkable is the vermicelli fried noodles with mushrooms, mushrooms and flower onion. This dish is often eaten hot, has a very characteristic aromatic flavor. In addition, Ha Long people also have a very famous wine.


Come to Hue is to come to the dining space is famous for high court and royal cuisine and restaurants along the road. Once in Hue, you definitely have to try and experience yourself with these dishes.

Mussel rice
Mussel is a folk dish but a good food in Hue with bold flavors of Hue people and this dish is only in Hue. Hue people often eat mussel, mussel or mussel instead of breakfast, and even buy condimented mussels instead of ordinary ones in the family. Only in Hue, can you feel the delicious taste of the dishes have been and easy to find in every corner.

Hue cakes: duck cakes, buns, filter cake
Having arrived in Hue, having eaten one of these cakes once, it was attached to the life of the ancient people. Between 3 and 5 pm, on the alleyways, ladies on their shoulders or a bagpipe horned hips, go to sell dough cakes, filter cake to each house. Hue people like it and have a habit of using this flavorful home-made cake for side dishes. Long cakes, delicious filter cake with dipping sauce can not be mixed up.


Cao lau

Cao lau is a unique food associated with the ancient town of Hoi An. At first glance, it looks like noodles, but not noodles. People do not know the high floor is not because it is not good but because this delicious dish is humble. Many people think that this dish is Chinese, but overseas Chinese do not recognize it. The Japanese consider it to be similar to their udon noodles but different in flavor and texture.

Hoi An chicken rice
As in many places, the composition of chicken rice here also includes rice, boiled chicken and vegetables. Accordingly, chickens choose the kind of garden, give a litter. Thanks to that, the meat is firm, tough and has a strong taste. Rice is also used only for the last one year or more. The vegetables are placed directly from the village of Que Que vegetables to the full flavor.

It’s difficulty to try all local food in just one tour, our travel specialists have spent a lot of time to design a suitable itinerary to contain as many local dishes on 10 days tour in Vietnam.

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